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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (“DEI”) are key concepts at the forefront of many corporations’ agendas today. Various organizations recognize the correlation between a diverse/inclusive workspace and greater staff retention and productivity; however, several leaders require additional simple tools to start their journey. Together, we will identify common traps and learn how to move past blocking points.



Jade Johnson, creator of the deivers app, is an engaging communicator and a leading expert at helping leaders improve and maintain stronger Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (“DEI”) programs. She promotes a method of open dialogue and self-awareness so that all leaders can recognize bias and common traps while also recognizing what may already be working.

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In her presentations, she is unafraid to challenge leaders of all levels and backgrounds to consider DEI in a more hands-on manner, and she believes that DEI is something for which all leaders have a part to play within an organization.

Before expanding her professional speaking, Jade spent 17 years working in various global banks in numerous Compliance departments. She has delivered presentations to banks, hospital networks and social service centers. She takes a practical approach to help leaders understand what can be achieved, one step at a time.

While Jade does love speaking and inspiring staff/leaders, she loves her family and her ‘forever puppy’. She resides in New York City.


Jade's Talks

Embracing Diversity As Your Key For Growth: A Few Practical Steps.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (“DEI”) are key concepts at the forefront of many corporations’ agendas today. The need for a more inclusive workspace is not new, but corporations are now recognizing trends in the correlation between a diverse/inclusive workspace and greater staff retention and productivity.

This session provides an easy-to-follow pathway that helps get any company past the initial step (of what is often viewed unfavorably as ‘requisite diversity training’) and around the most common traps that stop companies from maintaining best practices.

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Which leg(s) needs our support?

Companies often feel pressured to have an effective Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (“DEI”) strategy overnight. Upon review of their existing program, senior leaders find frustration when past efforts have not produced desired results.

This talk focuses on recognizing what work has been done already in the past. The inspiration is to not rest on the fact that a program exists but rather to analyze and pinpoint exactly where the program is failing (or not producing maximum results). Considering the various stages of the employee life cycle (and respective potentials for DEI growth at each stage), we will spend time to consider which ‘leg’ needs a stronger foundation so that the others may continue to support the program.

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Why Bathrooms Matter.

The use of which restrooms transgender people [can/should] use is a regularly debated topic today. The question is often either brushed off as not important or weaponized to make false claims about the intention of those in the transgender community.

Within the workforce, this represents only one type of challenge that transgender staff face which is often unnoticed or unremarked. The result is lower productivity, less feeling of community and even feelings of an unsafe work environment for the transgender employee.

This talk explores the history of the debate and debunks common myths about the needs of transgender staff, and it explains very simple steps that managers can take to make a more inclusive and productive workspace for all staff.

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“Jade is a seasoned professional. Her passion for her work and her management style incorporates her unique background. To Jade, understanding people and their decisions are paramount…and understanding the complex world around us is both necessary and fun!”

Tadeo Jun Claravall
Author/ Financial Crime Fighter/ Former Managing Director at Bank of America


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